Interest Groups

Whether you are interested in fine dining, international travel, playing cards, reading, quilting, or just enjoying a movie with friends, the AAUW Springfield, IL Branch has one or more interest groups for you. Our interest groups offer additional opportunities for members to interact and socialize.

All AAUW Springfield, IL Branch members are welcome at any group— just contact the hostess so that there are enough chairs and refreshments for everyone. Hosts’ contact information may be found in your membership directory. Check the Branchline for monthly meeting place and other pertinent information. 

Couples Gourmet, Themed Cuisine, and the Bridge Marathon schedules are finalized in September, but additions to the sub list are welcome during the year.

Interest Group Coordinator Meise Fahsl

Monthly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1st Board Meeting Quilting Chic Flix
2nd Afternoon Bridge Evening Stitchery Lunch Bunch
Afternoon Stitchery
3rd Contemporary Literature Themed Cuisine Pinochle Wine Tasting
4th Diversity Book Group Mystery Illinois Explorers Globetrotters


Bridge – Afternoon 

  • Chair Dolores Farley
  • Meets: Second Monday, 1:00pm

Bridge – Couples Marathon 

  • The Couples Bridge Marathon was formed so couples could enjoy a good game of bridge and camaraderie with fellow AAUW members. From October through April, the months’ hostesses select a convenient time for the scheduled four couples to meet. You should play with everyone during the year. Scores are cumulative. In May, we gather to distribute the prize money. Additions to the sub list are welcomed during the year.
  • Chair: Marilyn Lawler
  • Meetings vary

Chic Flix 

  • Each month we meet at a local theatre to see a current film and then go to a nearby restaurant for dessert, coffee and conversation after the movie. The films selected usually feature strong female characters or stories of interest.
  • Chair: Amy Green
  • Meetings: First Saturdays afternoon (usually)

Contemporary Literature 

  • Enjoy a monthly discussion of selected literary works to help expand understanding and appreciation for current literature.
  • Chair: Lynne Ewan
  • Meets: Third Monday, 7:00 pm

Couples Gourmet 

  • Couples meet and dine with each other in an atmosphere of fun and fellowship, exploring new cuisines. In addition to two group dining events, four in-home dinners are scheduled throughout the year, hosted by members who contact the three designated couples and assign recipes from the planned menus, which are created by the committee. Rotation of hosts and guests provides for maximum sociability. Food and wine expenses are equally divided at the conclusion of each dinner.
  • Chairs:  Jane Brownback and Becky Stirrett
  • Meetings varies

Diversity Book Group 

  • We meet monthly to discuss book selections which encompass all the ways in which people differ, including gender, race, creed, age, sexual orientation, national origin, and disability. A lively discussion encouraging personal growth always occurs! New members are welcome at any meeting.
  • Chairs: Connie Frankenfeld and Pat Braun
  • Meets: Fourth Monday, 7:00pm


  • Join a stimulating group offering armchair travel at its best! Come along with us to exotic foreign destinations, as well as nearby attractions. Natural wonders and cultural splendors abound, not to mention personal anecdotes ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous.
  • Co-Chairs:  Carol Kerins and Sally Vogl
  • Meets: Fourth Thursday, 7:15pm

Illinois Explorers 

  • Travel to places within about 2 hours of Springfield via car or longer via train. The group will meet the 4th Wednesday of the month at 9:00 am at a designated rendezvous point. We will need to arrange to carpool. Participants “host” and plan the itinerary for each trip. Come join this interest group as they explore central Illinois and eastern Missouri.
  • Chair: Laura Gundrum
  • Meets: Fourth Wednesdays, 9:00am

Lunch Bunch 

  • AAUW friends meet monthly for lively conversation and interesting food in a variety of area restaurants.
  • Chairs: Leah Duling and Sue Garland
  • Meetings: Second Thursdays, 11:30am


  • Whether you prefer cozies or hard-boiled, we are sure to have something to please you.
  • Chair: Sharon Ruda
  • Meets: Fourth Tuesday, 7:00pm


  • Join us for a fun afternoon of Pinochle. All skill levels are welcome.
  • Chair: Meise Fahsl
  • Meets: Third Thursday, 1:00pm


  • Learn how to quilt, expand your knowledge of this early American craft, share your personal expertise, and enjoy the company of AAUW friends while creating a beautiful quilt to raffle in support of education and equality for women.
  • Chair: Roselyn Wallis
  • Meets: First Wednesday, 7:30pm

Stitchery – Afternoon 

  • Get together for conversation and creativity following Lunch Bunch. Members work on current sewing or other creative projects; some do cross-stitch, knitting, needlepoint, embroidery, and scrapbooking.
  • Chair: Leah Duling
  • Meets: Second Thursday, 1:30pm

Stitchery – Evening 

  • Bring a craft or stitching project and enjoy an evening of socializing and fun.
  • Chair: Mary Ann DeFend
  • Meets: Second Wednesday, 7:00pm


  • Each monthly dinner has a theme representing a different type of cuisine. Teams are formed at the September meeting; each team cooks once during the year.
  • Chairs: Lynne Ewan & Jane Hughes-Jackson
  • Date & Time: Third Wednesday, 6:30 pm

Wine Tasting 

  • This group enjoys sampling various wines every month.
  • Chair: Paula Seifert
  • Meets: Third Friday, 7:00pm